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MUVE is an industry leader in innovation, development and implementation of the first universally built and fully inclusive technology solution, serving people of all abilities and their extended family and caregivers. Our core values are rooted in the mindfulness and compassion that is crucial in tackling the many unique and important inclusion issues which our communities are facing worldwide.


MUVE has developed a tagging feature on our app, which is known as “Pinning”.

This feature allows users to pin various locations, businesses, facilities and public areas, and upload crucial information related to mobility and accessibility in communities everywhere. As this feature continues to be used by MUVERS, our “Active Mapping” shows three levels of accessibility: Limited/No Accessibility, Partial Accessibility and Full Accessibility with photos and comments on each tag. This information will help individuals with special mobility needs by providing details related to accessibility for a given location, building, facility, venue or outdoor space. Whether it is a restaurant or a park, MUVE will share this important information gathered by its users on the MUVE app.

Download MUVE today, help your community, and happy pinning!


MUVE technology solutions focus on universal design. We offer accessible, reliable on-demand and pre-booked transportation services through our mobile, desktop, and kiosk applications, for door-to-door, arm to arm assistance. Sign up below to request MUVE in your city, get exclusive invitations to the app and opportunities to get involved in your community.



Wheelchair Accessible

Paratransit Shared Ride

MUVE offers a modern and easy to use service that quickly helps you get to your destination. Experience accessible transportation like never before. We aggregate accessible seats, from individuals with sedans & accessible vehicles, private transport providers including taxi, contractors, non-profits, as well as para-transit authorities into 1 experience.

Transit Partners

Are you a transit/transportation provider looking to update your dispatch platform and driver communications? Are you looking to leverage up to date technology to increase operational efficiencies, customer experience and new business? Whether it is for real-time rides scheduling – demand response, or fleet management, let us help you MUVE your business forward.


Our focus is on community, integrating with small business, non profit/charities, as well as corporate entities to offer social re-integration avenues through innovative initiatives & programs for people for all abilities.

Parasport Logo

MUVE is proud to announce its partnership with ParaSport Ontario as the official transit facilitator for featured upcoming events in the Niagara Region.


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