On Heels or On Wheels, Make it Marquette

August 12, 2019

On Heels or On Wheels, Make it Marquette

The MUVE Team
From summer breezes in big lakes or forest trails, to the aroma of cold brews and coffee roasters, they are better done under the Marquette sun.

In Marquette, where you have the best of both worlds – outdoor and indoor delights, there shouldn’t be any barriers restricting you from making the most of your visit.

Here are some places to go and things to do whether on your heels or on your wheels:

Walk and Roll to the Falls

Small but beautiful, Morgan Falls is a little over 3 miles from downtown Marquette. This outdoor beauty is stunning as water drops from 20-feet then tumbles down towards a rocky stream.

Travel Marquette says Morgan Falls has easy accessibility.  It’s a quick drive up to the base of the falls, heading south from Marquette on M-553. While this is a dirt road, according to GoWaterfalling.com, a regular car make it there. 

Either rolling your wheels up to the small parking lot, or a little flexing of your heels down the footbridge, you behold the beauty of Morgan Falls. You can see the view of Carp River meeting Morgan Creek from the parking area. A short stroll can lead you down to the falls where tired feet can soak in its pool.

Who’s Beachin’

If you are looking for a nice stretch of sand or a stunning view, South Beach offers three views in one angle – the hills, a skyline, and a horizon. South of downtown Marquette is where the southern hills of the county, it’s skyline and Lake Superior’s horizon all meet the eye.

South Beach is Marquette’s most popular beach, known for its broad and flat beach, and accessible swimming area. According to TheSwimGuide.Org, it has accessible ramps that provide easy access to the beach, restrooms, playground, and parking area.

To swim or not to swim, a nice stretch on the sand or just a sunset watch, South Beach is a must visit. 

The Brew-ster

Hot or cold, the masters are in Marquette. Beer breweries or coffee roasters, the choice is up to you, but this county has the finest.

In downtown Marquette, people hang out over cold brews of barrel-aged ales and craft beers in tap rooms or pubs. But caffeine dates happen in al fresco or cozy settings.

The Crib is where coffee and beer meet up. Coffee is not the same when it’s served in a Victorian-styled home. The Crib on 3rd Street is where Marquette’s very own Crappie Coffee is roasted, brewed, and enjoyed. It is also where craft beer and music, both local, complete the taste and feel of this Marquette experience.

So if you’re ready to explore, then go MUVE – on heels or on wheels.