April 30, 2021

MUVE partners with 4Days4Lines and targets accessibility in Montreal

The ‘normal’ we can return to…

It’s Sunday morning, you wake up from a good night’s sleep and all you have on your agenda is to meet a friend for coffee at your local cafe. It’s sunny, the streets are packed with people, physical and social distancing is now a concept of the past.

The cafe has big windows overlooking the street below, ideal for people-watching, and the air is gracefully carrying the calming folk music and the aroma of freshly ground beans.

You sip your coffee surrounded by people from all walks of life – parents with toddlers in strollers, an elderly couple sharing a not-so-evenly divided almond croissant, a barista noting an order from a woman reading the Braille menu, two friends reminiscing about a childhood memory by exchanging intricate hand gestures, and a man on his motorized wheelchair going downstairs to enjoy his iced coffee in the sun. Everyone is experiencing this cafe in their own wonderful way because they could access it in the first place.

Imagine this for restaurants, workplaces, community centers, universities, fitness hubs, health services, entertainment, grocery stores, and so on. That’s the ‘normal’ we can return to post-pandemic, where our cities embody more and more inclusive and accessible spaces.

4 Days 4 Lines | 4 Jours 4 Lignes and the GoMUVE app will be tagging accessibility elements of numerous locations across Montreal between May 5 – 9 and we are looking for volunteers to go around their neighbourhoods to measure, tag, and photograph this information. Everyone is welcome to participate, we can curate an experience for your language and ability needs. You can sign up with a friend/partner/family member and will receive training beforehand. Your contribution will help us showcase the current accessibility level of all locations to help people access them and then we will use that data to embed accessibility features where needed.

Omer Juma
Managing Director
Montreal, Canada

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