June 8, 2021

ParaSport Ontario Makes Sports Accessible For Everyone

MUVE is dedicated to helping every single person with a disability live their life to the fullest. This is why we are proud partners of ParaSport Ontario, an organization that is committed to the same mission that we are. ParaSport Ontario supports all people in the disability community to find, connect, and take part in competitive or recreational sports programs of their choosing.

Don’t Let Your Disability Stop You From Staying Active

Everybody needs physical activity for good health. Physical activity is known to reduce depression and improve mental health, physical health and self-confidence. It can also improve your quality of life by encouraging social interactions, creating a routine, and bringing in an element of fun and excitement. This is why it is important for everyone in Canada – including people living with disabilities – to engage in physical activities.

Nevertheless, people living with a disability can find it difficult to locate a sports program that supports disabled people in their community. This is where ParaSport Ontario can help. They have an extensive list of clubs and partners throughout Ontario, Canada that can support participants with disabilities. This includes sports including wheelchair basketball, alpine skiing, rowing, yoga, powerlifting, hockey, wheelchair curling and much, much more! Every single person can find an adaptive sport in their community with this easy-to-use tool.

ParaSport Ontario TRY ME Sport Programs

It can be difficult to find the right sport for you – especially for those in the disability community. Most people do not have the financial resources to buy new, expensive equipment for various adaptive sports (competitive or recreational sports for people with disabilities). This is why ParaSport Ontario has made the TRY ME sports program.

TRY ME programs are introductory sessions led by the program’s Athlete Ambassador to showcase adaptive sports like volleyball, sledge hockey, goalball, and more. This is a great way for people to experience the sport and ensure that they like it without having to pay club fees, get equipment and other costly financial commitments.

Our partners recognize that it may be impossible for someone to attend a sports demonstration. ParaSport Ontario is able to send information on a parasport to people’s homes or community fitness clubs. You can get TRY ME postcards, posters and other resources delivered to help determine whether a sport would be best for you. If a parasport sounds interesting but you’ve never tried it, you can sign up to get information delivered right to your front door.

Support Services For When You Need It Most

Living with a disability can make your life complicated. Mundane tasks like buying sports equipment or finding the right games can be difficult and overwhelming, especially if you are lacking the necessary resources. ParaSport Ontario’s goal is to support their clients by providing the help they need. Whether you may just want to try a new sport or are aiming to be the next best athlete in the Ontario ParaSport Winter Games, they can support you.

Their dedicated members will provide you with the resources you need. They are able to connect you with a club or coach in Ontario or provide any necessary information that you need to get out on the field.

Get A Ride To The Game!

MUVE is proud to be the Official ParaSport Ontario Transit Facilitator for future games. We are currently establishing our network of vehicles, but we hope to have our fleet up and running in the near future. When that is completed and ParaSport games resume, athletes can look forward to using our services to get to their games on time, every time. Download the MUVE app today so you are ready for our launch. Available on Apple and Android phones.

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